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Staff Directory - Interlibrary Loan

Name Status Job Title Phone # E-mail
Almaw, Naredos Hourly ILL Assistant (801) 581-6010
Brusik, Susan J Staff ILL/Document Delivery Services Manager (801) 581-6010
Burbank, Gregory S Staff Interlibrary Loan Specialist (801) 581-6010
Hashitani, Hiroko Staff ILL Supervisor/Lending Coordinator (801) 581-6010
Johnson, Lindsay Hourly ILL Assistant (801) 581-6010
Roberts, Tanya L Staff ILL/DDS Document Delivery Coordinator (801) 581-6010
Walton, Rose-Marie Staff ILL/DDS Borrowing/Receiving Coordinator (801) 581-6010
Wilson, Lisa Hourly ILL Assistant (801) 581-6010