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Staff Directory

Name Status Job Title Phone # E-mail Division
Breznay, Ann Marie Emeritus Associate Dean for Budget and Planning (801) 581-3852
Comer, Alberta D Librarian Dean of the Marriott Library and University Librarian (801) 585-6887 Administration
Jacob, Julie (JJ) Staff Executive Assistant (801) 585-6887 Administration
McGill, Paul Hourly Office Assistant (801) 585-9521 Administration
Painter, Stephanie Hourly Office Assistant (801) 585-9521 Administration
Reyes-Cairo, Heidi Hourly Office Assistant (801) 585-9521 Administration
Roehrig, Isabelle A Staff Administrative Assistant (801) 585-9521 Administration
Gagliardi, Ambra L Staff Development Specialist (801) 585-9299 Development
Whitchurch, Jesse R Staff Development Director (801) 581-7905 Development
Ashment, Dawn Staff Purchasing Manager (801) 581-7721 Financial Management
Brooks, Carrie L Staff Accountant (801) 581-7784 Financial Management
Dougherty, Parker M Staff Budget Director (801) 581-7791 Financial Management
Miller, William Staff Accountant (801) 585-7278 Financial Management
Arnold, Kristeen Staff Human Resources Director (801) 581-7707 Human Resources
Hawks, Melanie Staff Learning and Development Manager (801) 585-1850 Human Resources
Waite, Jordan M Staff Human Resources Assistant (801) 581-7709 Human Resources
Brett, Heidi S Staff Marketing and Public Relations Director (801) 585-7758 Public Relations
DeGrange, Steven W Staff Buyer (801) 581-7721 Purchasing
Henningsen, Molly A Staff Buyer (801) 581-7721 Purchasing
Alley, John R Staff Editor-in-Chief (801) 585-3203 University Press
Clark, John H Staff Design & Production Manager (801) 585-0084 University Press
Cotter, Glenda Staff Director of University Press (801) 585-0083 University Press
Day, Sharon M Staff Business Manager (801) 585-0082 University Press
New, Hannah K Staff University Press, Marketing Manager (801) 585-9786 University Press
Rauch, Reba L Staff Acquisitions Editor (801) 585-0081 University Press
Warnick, Stephanie Staff Assistant Editor (801) 585-0080 University Press